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Database Update 2016 @ schmidtclan.de Today we performed an update of our Database on our http://schmidtclan.de website. There are now 1108 new relatives you will find there. Schmidtclan ist realy the biggest Family. You will find all of the 7304 relatives on our website. Use "Relationships" in the "Charts" Menu of "the relatives" to find out how your relationship is to one of the 7304. Have fun Your Schmidtclan-Team
2016-02-20 20:23:45
Charles Schernickau (the last cousin with the name SCHERNICKAU in Amerika) died Friday, August 15th in Reno, Nevada. He was 80yrs. old. Charles was drafted in the US Army and was station in Italy from about 1954 - 56 He was the grandson of Carl Schernickau. Carl was emigrated from Hamburg Germany to Davenport Iowa in 1892. Heartfelt condolences from all cousins from Germany.
2014-08-24 07:03:29
NEWS FROM WORD MASTER GAMES TORINO/ITALY Now 5 x Gold for Klaus-Dieter in Torino !!!! Unbelivable! Here are the results: Kajak I (single) race distance 1000m 4th place Kajak II (double) race distance 1000m GOLD! Kajak IV (quadruple) race distance 1000m GOLD! CONGRATULATION !!! Like schmidtclan.de and Stay tuned for further Informations on https://www.facebook.com/schmidtclan.de
2013-08-06 11:48:20
THE TRIPLE IS DONE ! 3 x GOLD for Klaus -Dieter! After his race in the morning K1 about 200m now the second Gold medal in KII 200m sprint and the third in KIV 200m sprint. The last race he started in the group younger (70+) CONGRATULATIONS !!! Like https://www.facebook.com/schmidtclan.de and be informed.
2013-08-03 17:37:45


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